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The First All-In-One Charcuterie Kit

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Easy as 1-2-πŸ§€

In just 3 easy steps, you'll go from box to board and have a charcuterie spread that will be the talk of your next get together!

We keep good company...

Who cut the cheese? We did.

Platterful is a charcuterie experience that gives you everything you need to build an Instagram-worthy board.

πŸ“¦ Delivered straight to your doorstep.
πŸ§€ Perfectly-paired, unique, artisan products. Meats, cheeses & accompaniments.
πŸ€“ Easy step-by-step written AND video instructions.
πŸ”„ New products every single month. Unique board assembly ideas around holidays.
🌳 Consciously crafted boxes and packaging that support local artisan makers.

1 box = 10 meals donated

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